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Christmas Wrapping

I hope everyone is wrapping up their Christmas shopping now that Christmas is oh…4 days away. I finished up an Etsy order I had from a family friend, and since I knew them and would be hand delivering and not sending it in the mail, I offered to wrap the gifts for her, which she gladly accepted. No chance of peeking! So I grabbed some boxes from The Container Store for 99 cents each. I used some wrapping paper on hand, and I bought some fun ribbon called “Stretchy Ribbon” when I was at The Container Store to add a little something fun to the gifts.

I did each bow a little differently to give some distinction between the different kids. A fun traditional tie with a fun “pompom” bow for Andrew.

Photo on 2012-12-21 at 00.11

A traditional tie and bow for Martha.

Photo on 2012-12-21 at 00.12

And a triple tie, and a “pompom” bow for Jane.

Photo on 2012-12-21 at 00.12 #2

I think each one is tied together, no pun intended, while being different. Even the traditional bow look super fun in the bright green Stretchy Ribbon.

I knew who’s gift was who’s but the kids had to have a way to know which gift was theirs on Christmas when I wasn’t there… and for a day from now when I drop them off and can’t be quite sure anymore who’s is who’s. But a traditional tag wasn’t going to look right next to the fun Stretchy Ribbon, so I painted a sheet of thicker paper with acrylic paint in a bright green. Let it dry. Then just wrote the kid’s names with a red Sharpie on the paper. Then I cute around each name in a “traditional” tag shape. Super quick, easy and looks great!

I know Mama Wells is going to love the wrapping, well it’s three less gifts for her to wrap, but I think they are so fun and different than the traditional wrapping I normally do and see!


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