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A Simple Cork Board Makeover

So here is the really simple How-To for the cork board makeover. I read somewhere back in August or September, current to the time of the room makeover, about a simple tutorial of how to cover a plain Jane cork board with fabric and make it look good.

For Daniel’s room I wanted to cover up the cork board I found in his closet to define the “office area” of his room. I  wanted to hang something on the wall in that corner, I had been looking for some kind of inexpensive art but when I found the cork board I thought it would be really functional.

The Materials: Cork board- had on hand.

Plaid fabric- from Hancock Fabrics

Nail-head roll- from Hancock Fabrics

Blue fabric- had on hand


I used some wood glue to reconnect the wooden frame sides to the cork center, they were coming apart.



Then I used spray adhesive, sprayed the top of my board and put my fabric down on top, smoothing it out and making sure, and trying to keep my lines as straight as possible. Sorry no pictures, didn’t take pictures while I was doing it because I had to just get it done. I sprayed and then put the fabric down, then sprayed some more and put the fabric down to try and keep my lines straight.

I wrapped the plaid fabric around the edges, the back wasn’t looking so hot and more importantly it was kind of sticky from the spray adhesive. So I used some blue fabric I had and hot glued it to the back of the cork board and covering all the sticky spots.


Nail heads have been making their way around in the DIY world. They are a great way to add a finished edge, or look to a DIY project. The nail heads served a purpose by making sure the fabric stayed taught. They gave the edges a finished look, It’s like putting earrings on with a great outfit.


Then I hammered in some picture hanging, teeth things…. technical name? Hammered some nails into the wall where I wanted to hang the cork board.


Here it is all done and hanging on the wall. It looks great in the room! The cork board adds a great “manly” feel to the room with the plaid fabric and nail heads into the room, and it’s functional.

DSC02814  DSC02818

Want to see some more inspiration photos? Jenny from Little Green Notebook covers a plain cork board with fabric in this post.



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