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January Cure- Day 2/3/4

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I’ve been following the Apartment Therapy January Cure. Day 2 is set up an outbox.

I usually have a bag of stuff that I don’t want anymore going in my room. I keep a large shopping bag to put all my “things to donate” in.When it fills up I take it to the local Goodwill store.

DSC03114 DSC03118

I didn’t come across the January Cure till this Monday, so I didn’t do Day 3: Weekend Chores. Floors: my mom vacuumed under our beds last weekend, our cleaning lady came this morning, so she washed all the floors and vacuumed the rugs. I watered the flowers this weekend. So yup, kind of did that……. I keep the plants alive OK?

Day 4: I boycotted.

If you read the post before this, you have seen my list. Adding to my list would not be good.

Getting a new perspective is something that I need, but not staring at a room kind. I constantly am re imagining how the common rooms in our house could look. I need to reign it back a little, I need to want to change things less. I can’t push too hard to have things change in this house. I have to come to terms with the fact that this house is old peopleish, traditional, and I have to be low-down about my desires and approach them delicately. Unless my Mom does it, like in the case of Kiki’s new bedroom light. Ambush them. My plan is to introduce ideas to the “landlords” and implement most of them in March when they’ll be in Florida.

Feel free to follow through on getting a new perspective on a room in your home. Or on life.

Happy New Year! -MM


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