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Industrial Clamp Lights

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For Daniel’s room makeover I knew it was going to be a tight  fit for a lamp and side table with his bed right next to the door. I didn’t want to put a lamp next to his bed  because he would either have to crawl across his bed if it was by the window to switch on a light or it would be right next to the door and it would only take one time of bustin’ into the room to knock a lamp off a table, or to knock over a floor lamp. Also, Daniel’s bed is one of those lower, almost platform beds and so regular bedside table would tower above the bed.

I wanted to make sure that whatever lighting we found fit in with the masculine, quirky study. I had in mind an industrial looking light that was wall mounted. When it came down to the bed being on the same wall as the door I really just had in mind  this really simple lighting update that Jenny Komenda did over on her blog Little Green Notebook. She bought basic, outdoor clamp lights that she then spray painted a pretty icy blue color which gave them a cool vintage look. She then hung them outside on her balcony to light up her balcony and yard. To read up more on how she did her light makeover you can head over to her blog to read all about it.



I knew it would be an inexpensive light fixture that would fit his bed and look great in the room.

I bought two regular clamp lights from Lowe’s and I had some white glossy spray paint on hand that I planned to use. We picked up a small piece of wood and some L brackets to attach the lights to the wall with.


So I brought home the lights, took off the “shade” part and spray painted the metal “shade” part with some white spray paint I had.



I think spray painting them white definitely gave them a vintage lamp vibe, while still being cool and industrial looking. Here’s the after shot with the lamps clipped onto the piece of wood that is attached to the wall with the L brackets.


Sorry, that picture is really terrible.


The lights work really well in the room, they don’t take up space in the danger zone behind the door and they add an industrial feel to the room. They really look great for how inexpensive and simple a project it was to do. I haven’t touched base with Daniel to see how they worked for him when he was home over winter break. Though I did notice that he had tilted them at different angles than they are in the pictures when I was over at the house.




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