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January Cure Day 5/6

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Day 5: Tuesday, January 8
Assignment: Select a good project from your list to complete this month AND take a few “Before” photos

Project: Stuff up on the walls in my room. I need to hang art on my walls, shelves, and DIY a jewelry organizer and then hang it.


Last spring I painted my room grey. I started to strip the old floral wallpaper off the walls and then some professionals finished it up. Then my family and I painted the walls a beautiful shade of grey. The curtains are from Target. A new light from Crate and Barrel got hung up last spring. Beebop and I recovered a first attempt of a padded headboard that we made last summer for my Mom that she never ended up using. I bought a whole bunch of new furniture from Ikea, the Hemnes collection (dresser, nightstand and bookcase).  I got a new rug from Pottery Barn this winter. A whole new room from what it was a year ago. But there’s one thing left, the walls are mostly bare. It’s kind of sad.


Listing it out like that makes it seem like a lot, but it’s not. I have a whole lot of art sitting on the floor in my room. Before, when my room was wallpapered, I had a lot of art and things hanging on my walls but it all came down to strip the wallpaper and paint and none of it has gone back up. The only thing I have “hung back up” on the wall from before, is the large floor mirror which gets anchored to the wall. I have also hung a crib box spring that I spray painted glossy black and hung up on the wall at the end of the summer.


I have some art leaning against the wall where I want it to go, I just need to get it up on the wall. I also want to get a picture ledge/ floating shelf to put pictures on.

artwork1912  picture-ledge                              1.                                                                                             2.

I decided to get a ledge instead of creating a collage wall and putting a whole bunch of nail holes in the wall, I would create a leaning collage of pictures. Then, when my fancy to change up the art happens I wouldn’t have to Spackle and paint a whole bunch of nail holes. The art needs to bring some color and texture and bring some variety to the room.

Oh, I need to buy frames for some art that I got at The Renegade Craft Fair this September. I also need to figure out a picture to put into a frame that I have on my bookcase. Which ties into Day 6 of the January Cure. We have an Ikea trip coming up in the near-future so I was planning to pick up some frames then. I also saw some frames I liked at World Market today.



Today I had the day off of work, and I used that time to do a whole bunch of errands. I bought some little hooks from World Market to hang my necklaces on.


I’m thinking I’m going to spray paint them a color… I’m not sold on the finish they are right now. And I think then I’m going to mount them on a thin piece of wood, to kind of beef up the hooks off the wall, and then I just have to attach the wood to the wall with some anchors. So part of a project checked off. Now to figure out the rest of it. But I have a few days to figure it out before Monday’s January Cure of “Work on Your Goal Project.”

I ordered, because they were out, a square wall shelf from The Container Store. I want to hang it next to the crib frame, below the art that is leaning against the wall there right now. I think the square shapes will tie in nicely together. I also re-looked at the picture ledges I saw at the container store and decided they weren’t what I exactly what I wanted. They are the right size, but I don’t like how they attached to the wall. So I have to look into other places for those.

Have you joined the January Cure officially or unofficially? Have you been inspired to organize some of the projects in your life?



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  1. strivingforsimple

    Cant wait to see the finished wall!


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