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Where I’m At with the January Cure

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Ok, so I was up to Day 5/6 with the January Cure at Apartment Therapy.

Today is Day 11: Wednesday, January 16
Assignment: Do a Media Fast this evening

Here is the catch-up for the other days…..

Day 7: Thursday, January 10
Task: Plan Your Get-Together for the Weekend of February 1-3


I think I’m going to work on planning an “anti-super bowl party” I’m just not that into football. Beebop says she would like to watch the game because she feels its the only time that professional football players really try at a game, because they really want to win a super bowl. College footaball is fun to watch because the players really try because they want to get signed to the NFL, but NFL players don’t always play their best based on the strategy of the game. But for a Super Bowl game they are really trying. I get that. So maybe we’ll have it on but it’s not a “let’s all gather round and stare at the TV type of thing.”

62361743                                                         Photo from here

I bought a book of Tapas recipes and I think that would be really fun to do. I love Tapas; I love the small tastes of food and the pace of the meal that allows time to socialize with friends. I don’t know how well cooking a Tapas style meal myself will work, but it’s worth trying.


Day 8: Friday, January 11…and the Weekend of January 12 & 13
Assignments: Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Find a Recipe and Try it Out

• Buy your Weekly Flowers (and enjoy them!)

• Clean Your Kitchen and Declutter/Organize as You Go

• Find a Recipe and Make Yourself a Simple, Enjoyable Meal

Day 9: Monday, January 14
Assignment: Create a Landing Strip and Start Using it

In the Eight Step Home Cure, Maxwell notes that “you need to imagine your front hall as a big filter for the outside world”. He describes a “healthy filter for your front door” to consist of several main parts:

• A Doormat
• Coat Hooks/Hangers
• A Landing Strip

The kitchen is not really my domain. We could use some tupperware organization but on Saturday I got sick. I woke up and felt fine but as the day went on I felt less fine and more sick. I had already decided to take a pass on this challenge since it wasn’t really in my area and then I was sick. We have lived in this house a long time so I didn’t need to work on this task. I have been working on other tasks around the house, as well working on my goal project.

Day 10: Tuesday, January 15
Put some time and effort into your goal project

On Sunday I pulled myself together and went to Ikea with my family.


I got some frames for the art I got at The Renegade Craft Fair this past September AND I got a floating shelf to hang over my bed to put those pictures on. I also got a cute little fake plant to put on top of my bookcase for a little green in my room. I felt pretty productive Sunday night, finally putting those prints into frames!  Now, I still have to get everything up on the walls.

Other little projects have been getting done around the house; Here is a little updated list from Day 1:


Foyer: Closet Knobs? Paint light? Paint walls? I feel like the hallways need a fresh coat of paint

Powder Room: New Sink, Take Wallpaper down, Paint walls (white? pale green? grey?) new white outlet, rug

Living room: New sofa and love seat, accessories

Dining Room: New frame for the art (still need a new frame but my grandma rearranged the art and the painting that needs a new frame was taken down for now), take down the curtains and hang new simple curtains

Kitchen: Spot for mail, Paint, Tile back-splash in wet bar nook, wet bar cabinets, would love to rip them out but maybe new fronts.  New knobs, new counters, new light fixtures, adjust stove, is the microwave up to code?

Family Room: New art? Touch up the chipped paint on the built in, new knobs, new lamps

Back hall closet: “Mudroom” cubbies and bench with storage?

Porch: Paint the ceiling, New table, Ceiling fan with light

Outside: It’s January, but my list is new buses to block neighbors house, flowering shrubs, shade plants in bare spot, air conditioner screen and electrical box screen, fix brick walkway


Repaint? it’s not bad but would love to repaint the bookcases properly and paint the stairs too, Donate unused craft supplies

Would also love to re-carpet the stairs like Jenny did over at Little Green Notebook. 

Our bathroom needs so much help.

My room: Hang art, necklace hanger

Kiki’s room: New light bulb, hang art, get a rug

Mom’s room: New light



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