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Melted Snowmen Cookies

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Two years ago my sister (Click, and Check out her Blog) and I made melted snowman cookies. Super simple and easy to make. This chilly weather has me wishing me had some snow to justify the cold. Somehow a layer of snow makes the bitter wind and freezing temps just a little more bearable.


So these little cookies can bring some “snow” to your home, or if you have snow outside, you can have some fun making some “snowmen” within the comfort of your kitchen. There are many more specific tutorials out there, just Google it and you can find one. Here is the basic run-down of what we did:

What you need: Sugar Cookies, Large Marshmallow, white icing/ frosting, black icing , red or blue icing, orange icing

We made basic sugar cookies in the oven, break and bake. We followed the directions on the package.

When the cookies were cool we iced them with white icing, the “snow.” Our icing was a little thick, if you warm it up or make homemade icing you can make it drippy to look like the snow has melted.

Spray a microwave safe plate with non-stick spray, place marshmallows on plate and microwave for like 30 seconds. Once they start to puff up pull them out. You don’t want them to explode in there! Spray some non-stick onto your fingers to pull the marshmallows gently off the plate and place them onto your frosted cookie. You can kind of smoosh them down a little if you want.

Then decorate to look like snowmen! Add Eyes, mouths and arms or coal buttons with black, carrot noses with orange, and  scarves and buttons with red or blue or green.  We couldn’t find any black icing tubes at the store so we made our own by mixing all the food coloring colors together.

DSC_0327 DSC_0331 DSC_0332 DSC_0333

They turned out pretty fun; it’s like an army of melting snowmen!  They are a fun activity to do with older kids, or to bring to a party as a unique and cute dessert.





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