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Our client for this project was a six year old, Little M. Little M’s mom picked up this wood desk at an estate sale. It was painted a light blue with a white drawer tower and a veneer top. It was in good shape it just needed some T.L.C. A fresh coat of paint and some new drawer knobs would give this desk a new look.



M’s room is bright pink and Beebop suggested that we paint the desk a turquoise or a yellow. She gathered some inspiration from Pinterest.

270624686_f3S3Y-O 652671549_n3G8U-O

From House of Turquoise


 Project Nursery

M and her Mom decided to go with the Turquoise and picked the color of her desk at the paint store, Poolside Blue.


It’s bright but M’s room is a bright and saturated pink, the desk needed to be a saturated color too. When we held up the muted turquoise on the swatch against her wall color it was just kind of blah in M’s room. So we set up on top of a tarp and we got to work sanding down the desk to prep for paint.



Took it apart, and got to work painting it. Because the original paint job was sanding off unevenly we primed it first with Kilz no V.O.C. paint.


After priming the desk and letting it dry over night we painted the main desk with an enamel style paint in the turquoise with foam rollers for a smooth finish.


The drawers were painted white to pop against the turquoise.


M’s mom picked up some new drawer hardware from Anthropologie that was a pretty close match to the color we painted the desk.


The drawers are white, the room is just a bright, saturated pink that is reflecting in the white of the drawers. Two turquoise handles and one white. Here is the desk all put back together and in Little M’s room.





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