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Kitchen Scheming: Mood Boards

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Last week, I posted about how we were kitchen scheming for Mike and Amy’s house. All the way at the bottom I mentioned that part of our plan was putting the laundry room back in the closet it probably started in because the laundry shoot is in the closet. Then the current laundry room would become the mud room off the garage/back door entrance because the current closet is a logistically nightmare and down the line the current back door mudroom closet is getting ripped out to open up the kitchen.

Realistically, moving the laundry and making a mudroom in the old laundry space isn’t that simple but it’s much more manageable than a whole kitchen reno.  Stage 1 is the laundry room, once the laundry has moved the mudroom can go in it’s place a.k.a stage2.

So, I worked up a mood board for the first stages of the kitchen makeover:


Stage 1: The laundry closet was a small closet with shelves for a pantry, leave as many shelves as we can for vertical storage. Some baskets to put on those shelves to put cleaning supplies within reach. Baskets in natural materials from Container store to bring some texture and warmth into the small room. Plastic baskets to store cleaning and laundry supplies, easier to wipe out if there are spills. Cute laundry art DIYs for the door wall, and vent bump-out.

The walls of the main level of the house are grey so the colors for the laundry and mudroom can go in a bunch of different directions. For such a small space I thought a bright color would make it seem airy, expand the space visually. Sesame from Benjamin Moore (as seen in the Young House Love kitchen for a better representation) or the 2013 color of the year Lemon Sorbet. Lemon Sorbet could be nice in the mudroom too.

Stage 2: The laundry gets a new identity as the mudroom. Paint the walls a bright blue like Lucerne by Benjamin Moore or a more subtle grey-blue Water’s Edge. A locker system for coats and backpacks, like one from Pottery Barn or Plow and Hearth. Baskets for storing winter accessories in summer months, or summer accessories in winter months on top of the locker unit and the smaller basket for in the cubby. A few hooks on the wall opposite from the locker unit for scarves or wet coats or umbrellas or guests’ coats.



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