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Using Color on the Walls

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Bee and I have grown up in a homes that are run by a colorphobics. I dream of a day when I can paint the walls what ever color I fancy without having a huge discussion about how cream is not the only neutral color, and “yes, this color is not too dark for the room that has two windows in it.” I lean towards color because my home is color deprived, it only has beige and cream and soft green and yellow with white, more white and traditional furniture. Bee’s house is all white walls.


Young House Love

Beige, white and cream rooms can be pretty in moderation. When it’s everywhere it dulls the senses a little.

Despite being turned off by lack of color, I’ve always been drawn to all white rooms that are beautifully layered with different textures. They just look so crisp and clean. These white on white rooms can be really beautiful; they have a calming effect because there isn’t any color to pull your attention. The interest in the room comes from the different textures. Also, to bring some warmth to the room all the white is balanced by natural wood.

kitchen 2 no mirror


(From Here)


(Apartment Therapy)

But, even more so, I lust after deeply saturated color on walls.


(Little Green Notebook)


(Young House Love)

(Apartment Therapy)

When the time comes, Bb and I will be running to the paint store, picking all the colors we love and getting them on the walls. Sure, we will probably grow tired of some of them and want to repaint down the line, but after so many years of being restricted by “the landlords” our future homes will probably be color crazy at first!

Picking a Paint Color?

When I do pick a paint color I read around on the internet, see what kind of color trends are going on right now. I look at Pinterest, and other websites to see what colors are showing up the most. Young House Love talks about picking paint colors they love, they also have a color collection over at Benjamin Moore you can browse for color inspiration. But many other bloggers talk about their favorite colors online that you can look over.

Paint always looks different in the room from the swatch in hand, I highly recommend getting a paint sample and seeing how the paint color will actually look in the room.  Remember,  it’s easy to repaint if you don’t like how it turned out.

Also, it’s soooo much easier to repaint a room than remove wallpaper. Seriously. I’ve had to remove enough wallpaper to know that if you want the wallpaper…. hire someone and let them do the messy work for you.



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