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Finally a Pretty, Purple Room

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Over Kiki’s spring break, two weeks ago, Kiki and I worked on her room.  We took her brown, nature room to a pretty, feminine lavender.  You can read the in’s and out’s and more about painting and the first stages of decorating Kiki’s room on her blog.

We put some of the paper color swatches up on the wall…


We decided our top three and went to the store and got three tester cans. We always get tester cans because you never really know what the paint will really look like on the wall from the paper swatch. It was a good thing we tested because two of our favorite swatches turned out really different on the wall then what we thought from the paper swatch.  We decided from the three testers that we like African Violet by Benjamin Moore the best.

We used frog tape around the baseboard, prepped the walls and primed the walls with Kilz. Then we started painting the walls.



We then painted the baseboards with a fresh coat of glossy “White Dove” paint; when they were dry we reassembled Kiki’s room


We taped out on the floor where her futon from school could fit.


Here is her new bedside table that we fixed up from Home Goods. The basket hides her power strip and all her charging cords.


The other side of the room…


Kiki also decided to donate a lot of the books off her book shelf so there was more room to style it, and she made some bookends for her Harry Potter books.



So there is the first stage of redecorating Kiki’s bedroom. We have plans for the art on her walls and she has a whole list of what is next to do for stage two after she moves home from school. Her room is certainly coming along, it’s really nice to have the new look in there. It’s soothing in a different way from before. It’s pretty and feminine without being really girlie. It’s purple without being PURPLE! We’re really pleased with how the room is coming together.


* P.S. We painted while the “landlords” were in Florida, and they came back this past weekend. I think they approve….



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