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Using Color on the Walls

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Bee and I have grown up in a homes that are run by a colorphobics. I dream of a day when I can paint the walls what ever color I fancy without having a huge discussion about how cream is not the only neutral color, and “yes, this color is not too dark for the room that has two windows in it.” I lean towards color because my home is color deprived, it only has beige and cream and soft green and yellow with white, more white and traditional furniture. Bee’s house is all white walls.


Young House Love

Beige, white and cream rooms can be pretty in moderation. When it’s everywhere it dulls the senses a little.

Despite being turned off by lack of color, I’ve always been drawn to all white rooms that are beautifully layered with different textures. They just look so crisp and clean. These white on white rooms can be really beautiful; they have a calming effect because there isn’t any color to pull your attention. The interest in the room comes from the different textures. Also, to bring some warmth to the room all the white is balanced by natural wood.

kitchen 2 no mirror


(From Here)


(Apartment Therapy)

But, even more so, I lust after deeply saturated color on walls.


(Little Green Notebook)


(Young House Love)

(Apartment Therapy)

When the time comes, Bb and I will be running to the paint store, picking all the colors we love and getting them on the walls. Sure, we will probably grow tired of some of them and want to repaint down the line, but after so many years of being restricted by “the landlords” our future homes will probably be color crazy at first!

Picking a Paint Color?

When I do pick a paint color I read around on the internet, see what kind of color trends are going on right now. I look at Pinterest, and other websites to see what colors are showing up the most. Young House Love talks about picking paint colors they love, they also have a color collection over at Benjamin Moore you can browse for color inspiration. But many other bloggers talk about their favorite colors online that you can look over.

Paint always looks different in the room from the swatch in hand, I highly recommend getting a paint sample and seeing how the paint color will actually look in the room.  Remember,  it’s easy to repaint if you don’t like how it turned out.

Also, it’s soooo much easier to repaint a room than remove wallpaper. Seriously. I’ve had to remove enough wallpaper to know that if you want the wallpaper…. hire someone and let them do the messy work for you.



Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition


Beebop and I pinned some ideas for yoga mat straps and bags last week. We weren’t quickly making any decisions about which one we were actually going to make. Then, I was talking to my sister Kiki, (who made a really cute t-shirt necklace for her Pinterest Challenge B.T.W.) saying I wasn’t sure what to make to hold my mat. Kiki just bought a new yoga mat last fall, she had debated whether or not to buy a bag to hold her may but she talked to the yoga-lady and she wasn’t a big fan of her yoga bag because it was a pain to get her mat back into. Well, that helped make my decision.

I had found a tutorial, through Pinterest, on Design Sponge for a “yoga bag” that was open so we could easily roll up our mats and put them into something to hold them without having to worry about fitting them into a bag.


The one issue I had with this bag was it didn’t have a pocket for keys and phones. Right now, I stick them in my coat pockets but in warmer months I’ll want a pocket on my yoga bag to throw them into during class. I had read this tutorial for making a yoga bag with a pocket, and used it as the inspiration for my bag. I decided I would make the Design Sponge bag but add a fun and functional pocket to the front.

IMG_0284       IMG_0283

We needed two yards cotton ducking (it’s a thicker material so it will stand up to wear and tear), a coordinating fabric for the pocket, two yards webbing (strap material), and magnetic snaps to hold the pocket shut.

IMG_0287    IMG_0289

Then I followed the tutorial from Design Sponge. In the tutorial she makes strap covers, it’s a great finishing detail that adds extra support to the strap as well. I didn’t add the strap covers because my pocket would be covering my straps on the one side and for the other side I can always go back and sew it down more.


For the pocket I eye-balled how long and wide I wanted my pocket to be. Then I curled the raw edges under for a crisp look.

For the magnetic snaps I lined them up right under the straps. Then I followed the directions on the packaging for attaching the magnetic clasp. They may be too far apart but at least the pocket isn’t flapping open.


(These are what we used)


The pocket needed to cover my magnetic snaps and look balanced from each edge, so I pinned the bottom edge down while I added the magnetic snaps


I started sewing the pocket down bottom first then each side, I could have done it differently but the bottom of the pocket was secure and couldn’t shift around when I sewed the sides.


Here Is the finished bag! I am pleased with how my mat holder turned out. Beebop’s will turn out a little better just because I’m putting her’s together second and I’ve had my trial and error with my bag. This was pretty easy to make so if I’m still not pleased with the few uh-oh’s I made, or grow tired of my fabric choice, it won’t be difficult to whip up a new bag.

Once I’ve finished B’s as well I plan to update this post because her bag will be a little different from mine.

This weekend Bb and I are going to look stylin’ for our yoga class, and finally have something to keep our mats rolled up with!


Check out the Projects from the Challenge Hosts, as well as the link party at the bottom of their posts with all the other fun projects people made! : Sherry & John at Young House Love , Katie at Bower Power, Michelle at The Remodeled Life and Megan at Decor and The Dog

Kitchen Scheming

Beebop and I have been talking, and pinning kitchen ideas for Mike and Amy’s kitchen. Last week, Beebop came home from work, and for fun she had been thinking about ways she could update her employers poorly laid out kitchen space.

Here is an idea of how the space is laid out now: The cooking space of the kitchen is set up into a galley. The rest of the room is large open space. There is a random island at the end of the galley kitchen, in the eating space, that you can’t sit at and is removed from the cooking space so you can’t prep food on it either. It’s an over sized catch-all. There’s a pantry that is full of storage, and is smart in theory with shelves that swing out from within, but can’t really close anymore. On the other side of the wall of the galley kitchen section is a narrow, backdoor hallway that is used as the “mudroom” space, on the other side of the back hall is the laundry room. All these spaces being narrowly divided makes each of them difficult to fully function in as more than two people, sometimes not even two people, can easily share the space.

We wanted to work with the main bones of the kitchen, like not moving water lines, but we wanted to eliminate some of the walls so that we could get a more open layout and be able to really use the space. We had a few main thoughts that guided our inspiration pictures we pinned: More open kitchens, U or L shaped with an island in the middle of the space, sink under the window like it is currently, stove top in the island, seating at the island, timeless kitchen elements like subway tiles and farmhouse sink, with contemporary touches to keep it looking fresh and clean.

restored style

Restored Style

White subway tile, counter tops are different from the outer kitchen and island, glass front cabinets mixed with regular cabinet fronts



The grey shaker style cabinets are contemporary but traditional at the same time. White subway tile, white farmhouse style sink. I love the unique touch of the clasp lock cabinet “pulls.”

kitchen 2 no mirror

Allison Harper Interior Design

I love the farmhouse sink, and the white subway tile and the mix of glass front cabinets and full length cabinets. I also love the contrast the clean, white, cold elements of  the white stone with the the wood eating bar in the right corner.


This image is from Pinterest and doesn’t have an original source with it 😦 From this kitchen I love the pulls, the built in microwave, and the stove top in the island fits our checklist. The main star of this image is the glass front, display cabinet at the end of the island. For Amy’s kitchen this could be a nice place to display cookbooks and serving dishes, it also keeps them in an easily accessible place to grab quickly when prepping for a meal.

You could also do an open cabinet at the end of the island for the same storage purposes. We have open shelves next to our stove, not a cabinet just shelves, at my house and it is a nice place to store small pots and serving bowls that we can grab quickly when were in the middle of cooking or prepping a meal. It helps visually to have the openness and not another closed cabinet.

More ideas from Better Homes and Gardens:

Open shelves at the end of the island 1:BHG 

Glass Front Cabinets  2:BHG

Cook top in the island with range hood over the stove, the open shelves at the end add a nice openness  3:BHG

The multilevel island keeps the cook top separate from the eating area 4: BHG

Part of the kitchen talks involved moving the laundry room to a closet off the kitchen that has the laundry shoot, based on some of the home layout I would guess that the laundry room is planned to go back where it originally was since the shoot is in that closet. There is a storage closet off the kitchen too that would be  a nice space to make into a butler pantry as the hall leads into the dining room.

Beebop mentioned to Mike that we had been playing with some ideas for the kitchen and he was pretty excited about a lot of the ideas we came up with. So, who knows maybe our brainstorming and pinning session might turn into something more.


Motivation for Resolutions

January Cure

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It’s the last week of the January cure! Where did January go? I’ve got to do some catch up, pull it together and finish strong.


Melted Snowmen Cookies

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Two years ago my sister (Click, and Check out her Blog) and I made melted snowman cookies. Super simple and easy to make. This chilly weather has me wishing me had some snow to justify the cold. Somehow a layer of snow makes the bitter wind and freezing temps just a little more bearable.


So these little cookies can bring some “snow” to your home, or if you have snow outside, you can have some fun making some “snowmen” within the comfort of your kitchen. There are many more specific tutorials out there, just Google it and you can find one. Here is the basic run-down of what we did:

What you need: Sugar Cookies, Large Marshmallow, white icing/ frosting, black icing , red or blue icing, orange icing

We made basic sugar cookies in the oven, break and bake. We followed the directions on the package.

When the cookies were cool we iced them with white icing, the “snow.” Our icing was a little thick, if you warm it up or make homemade icing you can make it drippy to look like the snow has melted.

Spray a microwave safe plate with non-stick spray, place marshmallows on plate and microwave for like 30 seconds. Once they start to puff up pull them out. You don’t want them to explode in there! Spray some non-stick onto your fingers to pull the marshmallows gently off the plate and place them onto your frosted cookie. You can kind of smoosh them down a little if you want.

Then decorate to look like snowmen! Add Eyes, mouths and arms or coal buttons with black, carrot noses with orange, and  scarves and buttons with red or blue or green.  We couldn’t find any black icing tubes at the store so we made our own by mixing all the food coloring colors together.

DSC_0327 DSC_0331 DSC_0332 DSC_0333

They turned out pretty fun; it’s like an army of melting snowmen!  They are a fun activity to do with older kids, or to bring to a party as a unique and cute dessert.




Where I’m At with the January Cure

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Ok, so I was up to Day 5/6 with the January Cure at Apartment Therapy.

Today is Day 11: Wednesday, January 16
Assignment: Do a Media Fast this evening

Here is the catch-up for the other days…..

Day 7: Thursday, January 10
Task: Plan Your Get-Together for the Weekend of February 1-3


I think I’m going to work on planning an “anti-super bowl party” I’m just not that into football. Beebop says she would like to watch the game because she feels its the only time that professional football players really try at a game, because they really want to win a super bowl. College footaball is fun to watch because the players really try because they want to get signed to the NFL, but NFL players don’t always play their best based on the strategy of the game. But for a Super Bowl game they are really trying. I get that. So maybe we’ll have it on but it’s not a “let’s all gather round and stare at the TV type of thing.”

62361743                                                         Photo from here

I bought a book of Tapas recipes and I think that would be really fun to do. I love Tapas; I love the small tastes of food and the pace of the meal that allows time to socialize with friends. I don’t know how well cooking a Tapas style meal myself will work, but it’s worth trying.


Day 8: Friday, January 11…and the Weekend of January 12 & 13
Assignments: Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Find a Recipe and Try it Out

• Buy your Weekly Flowers (and enjoy them!)

• Clean Your Kitchen and Declutter/Organize as You Go

• Find a Recipe and Make Yourself a Simple, Enjoyable Meal

Day 9: Monday, January 14
Assignment: Create a Landing Strip and Start Using it

In the Eight Step Home Cure, Maxwell notes that “you need to imagine your front hall as a big filter for the outside world”. He describes a “healthy filter for your front door” to consist of several main parts:

• A Doormat
• Coat Hooks/Hangers
• A Landing Strip

The kitchen is not really my domain. We could use some tupperware organization but on Saturday I got sick. I woke up and felt fine but as the day went on I felt less fine and more sick. I had already decided to take a pass on this challenge since it wasn’t really in my area and then I was sick. We have lived in this house a long time so I didn’t need to work on this task. I have been working on other tasks around the house, as well working on my goal project.

Day 10: Tuesday, January 15
Put some time and effort into your goal project

On Sunday I pulled myself together and went to Ikea with my family.


I got some frames for the art I got at The Renegade Craft Fair this past September AND I got a floating shelf to hang over my bed to put those pictures on. I also got a cute little fake plant to put on top of my bookcase for a little green in my room. I felt pretty productive Sunday night, finally putting those prints into frames!  Now, I still have to get everything up on the walls.

Other little projects have been getting done around the house; Here is a little updated list from Day 1:


Foyer: Closet Knobs? Paint light? Paint walls? I feel like the hallways need a fresh coat of paint

Powder Room: New Sink, Take Wallpaper down, Paint walls (white? pale green? grey?) new white outlet, rug

Living room: New sofa and love seat, accessories

Dining Room: New frame for the art (still need a new frame but my grandma rearranged the art and the painting that needs a new frame was taken down for now), take down the curtains and hang new simple curtains

Kitchen: Spot for mail, Paint, Tile back-splash in wet bar nook, wet bar cabinets, would love to rip them out but maybe new fronts.  New knobs, new counters, new light fixtures, adjust stove, is the microwave up to code?

Family Room: New art? Touch up the chipped paint on the built in, new knobs, new lamps

Back hall closet: “Mudroom” cubbies and bench with storage?

Porch: Paint the ceiling, New table, Ceiling fan with light

Outside: It’s January, but my list is new buses to block neighbors house, flowering shrubs, shade plants in bare spot, air conditioner screen and electrical box screen, fix brick walkway


Repaint? it’s not bad but would love to repaint the bookcases properly and paint the stairs too, Donate unused craft supplies

Would also love to re-carpet the stairs like Jenny did over at Little Green Notebook. 

Our bathroom needs so much help.

My room: Hang art, necklace hanger

Kiki’s room: New light bulb, hang art, get a rug

Mom’s room: New light