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Giving a Big Girl a Grownup Room

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Something about living in your space completely #tinydormroom makes you rethink how you use your space at home. There is less attachment to the way your space is setup and to the things in your room at home because you only live there for about four months of the year now, your space has the chance to evolve if you move home again.


Right now Kiki’s room is brown and greens:

DSC03179  DSC03176 DSC03180  DSC03181

It’s pretty, soothing, and natural but her style has shifted away from where her room is now. At school  her stuff is purple and teal and fushia. She likes different colors, she likes bolder colors than she did when she was in high school.

69637_10151745849569278_473158242_n 535619_10151745849594278_1709573345_n 579891_10151404469624278_1461999263_n

When she brings her stuff home from college it won’t really go with her room now. Her stuff will be making a permanent home in two years, and next year she has plans to study abroad and her stuff won’t be moving out of her room for a year.


When I saw a beautiful, plum colored duvet cover on clearance at Pottery Barn I texted Kiki a picture and asked if she liked it. She said “Yes!” and talks began to spiral into painting the walls a different color, bedding, rugs, and curtains.

We browsed images for color palette inspiration and saw a few we liked:

MentalVacation_15 ColorTasteMineralHues_1

We’ll be tackling Kiki’s room more when she comes home for Spring Break but we’ve already started by putting the duvet cover on Kiki’s bed,


and creating a little color scheme vignette on her nightstand with some books, pottery and blown glass she has.